Back Pain and Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy

Back pain and Pelvic Girdle pain PGP aren’t normal part of Pregnancy.

Did you know Osteopaths TREAT in PGP in pregnancy?

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PGP/SPD describes pain in the joints, the ligaments and the muscles that make up the pelvic girdle. The pelvis is the main bony weight bearing part of your body and provides the outlet through which your baby is born. PGP/ SPD is due to the pelvic girdle struggling to accommodate the structural, functional, and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

  • This is worsened by the hormone relaxin affecting the ligaments, poor abdominal tone, hypermobility history and a history of low back pain. There are a number of other risk factors but PGP is NOT a normal part of pregnancy and can be fixed.
  • Oxspines osteopathy in Wheatley Oxford sees PGP patients every day.
  • NHS Clinics often have such long waiting lists you have reached your third trimester or given birth by the time before you get one to one treatment. We see you the same week and alleviate pain immediately by classical and structural osteopathic mobilisations and maintain your body for the rest of your gestation so you have a comfortable as you can birth.
  • Pain can be acute or chronic, burning, sharp or dull and can radiate from the pelvis up into the spinal column or down into the buttock and the back of the leg or to the lower abdomen, groin and perineal area. Always tell your midwife about any abdominal pain.

You may find it uncomfortable to do the following:

  • Lift one leg at a time e.g. going up and down stairs.
  • Stand on one leg getting dressed or undressed.
  • Open the legs e.g. getting in and out of the car or bath.
  • Bend down.
  • Turnover in bed / standing / sitting / lying.
  • Engage in Intercourse.

If it is not treated the pain becomes chronic and women can end up using crutches and a wheelchair. We rehabilitate you and keep you enjoying this most important time of your life. We treat this daily and have a wealth of experience.

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