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Osteopathy, sports and spinal therapy clinic

Oxspines is one of the leading Oxford Osteopaths offering independent physical treatment and massage at affordable prices for residents of Oxford and Oxfordshire.

We have a practice in Wheatley and having been founded in 2009 we are renowned for our advanced practices, exceptional patient care and outstanding results.

We provide patients from all walks of life with comprehensive osteopathic services that improve function, encourage independence, and enhance the quality of life. Whether you are an elite athlete rebounding from a recent sports injury, a victim of chronic pain seeking to manage your discomfort, or looking to maintain an active, independent lifestyle, Oxspines Osteopath clinic in Oxford is focused on providing you with the therapy you need to lead the life you desire.

Conditions Treated

We treat a variety of conditions, and our services include osteopathic treatment for low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder and knees, as well as a specialist clinic for headaches and jaw pain, ergonomic counselling, and rehabilitation, massage and pain management. We are also qualified to provide cranial osteopathy for babies. What sets us apart is we take the time to listen and get to root of your problem.

Our therapists are trained to assess the underlying causes of your musculoskeletal condition and provide you with effective treatment. We use a wide range of techniques to relieve pain, restore movement, and prevent further problems. We also know we can’t fix everything but we know who to refer to.

We recognise that every patient is different, so we offer individual care and affordable treatment. This means that after an initial consultation to get to know your medical history and to get to the root of the problem we will draw up a plan of care tailored to your individual requirements.

Oxspines Osteopathy in Oxford offer a holistic approach to your treatment and recognize that our patients are the key element in the physical therapy process. We empower our patients to take control of their health and well being and our ultimate aim is to provide a real difference over the long term as well as treating any immediate problems you may have.

Osteopath Oxford

Oxspines is proud to have earned a reputation among referring physicians and patients alike for providing effective care, so please do contact us to set up an initial consultation so we can help you along the road to long term health.