We are back in business and your safety is paramount.  We are excited to say that we are offering two practitioners in these changing times. I will be predominantly doing the shielded and vulnerable and those who have been staying at home (as I am in the extreme risk category too so you can know that you will be super safe here as I have not been out at all).  For the rest of you I have another osteopath, with even more years of experience than me, working for me.  Her name is Gitte Pedersen.   Between us we have your back!

alison osteopath

The clinic has moved to the ‘Garden Room Clinic’ at the same address with high hygiene protocols.

Things will be a little different for a while but rest assured, I will still be providing the best possible treatment and service during these unprecedented times. You will notice a few changes which I shall list below:

  • Firstly, ONLY OSTEOPATHY TREATMENTS will be available for now. As Osteopaths we are Allied Health Professionals and therefore classed as Key Workers as the work we do helps to ease the pressure that would then fall to the NHS. I will still include my multitude of techniques within treatment but not be offering stand-alone massage for now.

This will be continually reviewed with government guidance.

  • In order to ensure the patients most in need receive an appointment, I will be initially speaking to them on the phone.  This is to check their general health and to ensure that face to face treatment is necessary and safe for all involved.   
  • I will be screening for any COVID symptoms and asking about their household by email. This form will be mandatory to complete and return prior to an appointment.   I can offer a comprehensive virtual consultation with treatment advice where face to face is not required and these have been well received and very effective.
  • I will also be screening you the morning before your appointment by telephone to see if anything has changed.

I will be in full PPE and will need to take your temperature and you will be required to wash your hands on entering and leaving.

Please bring a mask with you but I will also have some to buy if stuck.

We will be putting cleaning measures in place in between patients with a gap of at least 30 minutes at present to make sure the room is clean and aired. This will be renewed regularly.

This does mean that we will also offer appointments later in the evening but at the evening rate to fit you all in. We will be doing all we can to accommodate everyone subject to the cleaning and airing protocols and screening.

Please arrive on time for your appointments; I will meet you at the side gate.

If I am a few minutes late please be patient as safety is paramount. If you are very early please wait in your car.

If you are desperate for a face to face appointment please sign up for a ‘VIP as soon as we can appointment’; Similar to an early bird waiting list. I have had so many of you call so this is the way to get an early appointment and will help me plan better. This will be my priority list.

This little video shows you that although things may look different, I am still the same underneath and will offer the same excellent service. Enjoy my video, not as easy as it seems!