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Oxspines Osteopathy is pleased to announce that we now have been awarded liicences to practice the Perrin technique. Both Alison and Gitte undertook rigorous training to do this.

The Perrin Technique™ is based on Dr Perrin’s theory that different stress factors whether physical, allergies, emotional or infections lead to an overstrain of the sympathetic nervous system. Further investigation has led to a probable cause of this nervous system overload being a build up of toxins in the fluid around the brain and the spinal cord. Some of the poisons caused by infection or inflammation in the head or spine flow through channels from the brain into the lymph ducts of the head face and neck. The toxins are also meant to drain down the spinal cord and out into the lymph ducts lying along the spine. In a CFS/ME sufferer, there is a backflow of these normal drainage points which leads to further toxicity and dysfunction of the central nervous system. Dr Perrin hypothesized that one final trigger factor, usually a viral infection, but can be physical, emotional or chemical trauma, leads to a breakdown of the sympathetic nervous system’s control of the lymphatic drainage leading to a reversal of flow of toxins towards the brain and the spinal cord. This leads to all the many symptoms we see in CFS/ME.

Research over the past 30 years has validated Dr. Perrin’s theories.


Please see The Perrin technique website for further information. This technique is also being trialed for long covid


An initial hour and half consultation £120

Subsequent treatments at clinic normal treatment rate £50

This is a long term treatment and commitment and treatment packages are available.

Block booking reduction available for Perrin Technique.

For more information call 07894 151654