Sports injury clinic Oxford

At Oxspines Osteopathy, we treat patients that are suffering from a variety of sports injuries at our clinics in Headington and Wheatley in Oxford. As with all of our patients, our aim is always to get the very root of the problem so that we can help you overcome your injury and get back to performing at your very best!

The very nature of sport means that almost all participants are likely to suffer from injury at some point, and this applies from athletes performing on a regular basis to people who enjoy the occasional jog or game of football at the weekend.

When an injury does occur, it is very important to stop participation in the sport as soon as possible and make sure you get treatment at an early stage. This will prevent further damage to the affected area and help with the long term recovery and rehabilitation of the patient. We are specialists at treating sports injuries in Oxford, and we treat every case on an individual basis so we can provide our expert diagnosis as well as advise on a course of specific treatment.


Common sports injuries

Sports injuries vary widely in their nature and severity, but many of the most common injuries that we treat are either strains to the muscles or sprains, which affect ligaments and joints. Injuries within these categories include hip, knee and ankle injuries, cramp and tennis / golfer’s elbow.


Ligament sprains

A ligament sprain occurs when fibres within the ligament have been damaged. This is usually caused by excessive force being applied to the joint, resulting in the ligaments being stretched, twisted or torn. The ligaments are strong bands of tissue around the joints that connect bones together, and a ligament strain can vary from a few fibres being damaged to a complete tear of the ligament.

This can be a very serious injury that will have you out of action for several months, as tissue damage will result in inflammation of the joint and swelling, pain and redness in the affected area.

Muscle strains

Strains are more likely to occur when the muscle fibres stretch and tear, and are most common in the legs (such as hamstrings) or lower back. Symptoms include pain, swelling and blood collecting at the skin at the site of the strain, which can look like a large bruise.

Whatever sports injury you are unfortunate enough to have suffered, we will help to you manage the injury and get you back on your feet with a full programme of specialised treatment. We have helped a huge number of people recover at our sports injuries clinic in Oxford, so please do contact us now to set up an initial consultation and diagnosis.