My back treatment with Alison at Oxspines has, perhaps oddly given the manipulations to ‘crack’ my neck back into place, been a pleasure. Having suffered from several muscular and joint complaints for the last few years and having been subjected various extended and unsuccessful physio and chiropractor attempts to resolve them; her holistic and thorough approach has fixed me in just a couple of sessions. Her skills and advice have enabled me to understand my different complaints as an interrelated system that I can work on as a whole to fast and effective relief and more importantly, correct and prevent future problems. For me, the ability to help people to help themselves rather than insist on endless repeat appointments in a vain attempt to treat ‘isolated’ problems is a rare and special one.
P Wond
Although apprehensive about attending the sessions I was always been made to feel relaxed and able to talk about my condition without feeling a nuisance or pathetic! I also have another medical condition that Alison has shown concern in, looking at my health and well- being as a whole. I am delighted with the results of her care as my back improved dramatically and is still improving. She provided a sheet of exercises by which I could continue my recovery at home, helping me to help myself. I am now seeing Alison less frequently, about every six week, but can contact her if necessary to make an earlier appointment. I would strongly recommend Alison to others as I always found her to be very professional and very effective in the treatment she delivers.
E Bishop
I was referred to Alison earlier in the year with severe neck and ear pain, which I had been experiencing for a long time, I had seen ENT specialists and no one could determine the cause or fix the problem. After a few sessions with Alison, I can honestly say that my symptoms began to slowly disappear. I was very sceptical when I first went for my treatment, but can say for sure that the treatment I received from Alison has certainly made me feel better in terms of my ear pain and my neck pain completely went away, I do have the occasional ear pain but no where near the scale of when I first went to Alison. I found Alison to be very thorough, professional and very knowledgeable, and she is always thinking outside the box in terms of the best treatment for the case put before her, I would thoroughly recommend her. A true professional. Finally, I am currently under Alison again for scar tissue breakdown from an operation I had done last year, this will take time bit. I feel Alison helps with the process of tissue breakdown.
J Butt
Following a visit to my GP I was advised that I required Physiotherapy to address an ongoing muscular and back problem. At that time my condition was affecting general well being, posture, mobility and my general mood. A course of Physiotherapy was undertaken over a 6 week period but did not identify either the cause or provide a treatment to address the pain. My GP then advised that the only course available was prescribed painkillers. However she also described a new private Osteopathic service available at the GP Surgery.. Given the alternative provided I was keen to take this further and agreed to an assessment. The first assessment was professional, with clear communication on what an Osteopath provides followed by an initial assessment. During this a clear diagnosis and guidance around the potential cause, exercises to reduce the pain and a clear treatment plan provided.. Even after the first assessment the change in the symptoms and mobility had greatly improved. Following subsequent treatments the initial pain, discomfort, lack of mobility and bad posture had dissipated. As a patient of Ms Lindenbaum for 9 months I can testify to her professionalism, patient care and moreover the results that I have experienced. Having endured this condition for over 2 years and to have a solution provided with 2 weeks from Initial assessment was not only surprising but very welcome.
F Wilson