Take control. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 9 men wet themselves and many also have bowel and sexual problems. The S WORD course helps you take control of your SPHINCTER control, muscle STRENGTH and engagement, SEX and intimate life and fills you with SMILES and SELF-empowerment.

S WORD workshops and ONLINE version in May 2020

We launched these 6-week classes and intensive day workshops in early 2019  and the feedback has been amazing and we have waiting lists for places.    Classes have been based in Wheatley and Long Crendon with participants coming from all over the UK, due to the ideal position of Oxford.  

The course is a combination of osteopathic knowledge and yOnilates® exercise regime which was developed by award-winning somatic sex educator, Laura-Doe, of The y0niversity. It is practiced to fun, catchy, specially created music.  Find out more at yOnilates.com and lauradoe.com

yOnilates® is a fun exercise class to music and meditation done in such a fun way that you will engage these muscles naturally to Support organs, control Sphincters and to revolutionize your Sex life!  It is important for connection, sensation, healing post-childbirth and post operations and for healthy aging in this crucial area.  It is a big area of worry for many people and has not, until now, properly addressed.  It can be very disabling.  Also with increased gym usage, it is not just weak pelvic floors that need to be addressed. Often we see too tight pelvic floors giving a plethora of dysfunctions and pain.

 Day workshops are £75 with a wonderful homemade two-course lunch and tea and coffee and cake breaks. Call 07894 151654 fro more details or send an email for more information www.oxspines.com

The workshops are aptly named  S WORD and will be on tour in autumn 2020.

If you want a course and have a group of  15 plus women please call from your area.  Planned venues are Sheffield, Bournemouth, Haslemere, Norwich and Birmingham late 2020 and 2021  nut open to suggestions.

Due to coronavirus, an online version of this fabulous course is being launched in May 2020 at a price that is greatly discounted at £55 for eight online tutorials to take at your own pace.  Each chapter will have a yoga nidra to end with to help with relaxation. 

 Register for online course here by emailing alison@oxspines.com

This course is no ordinary boring pelvic floor course.   It is like a gentle targeted exercise class for female AND male pelvic floors to unforgettable music which you can buy to upload, use of a lot of fun props, aide memoirs, information and opportunity to join an online private FB page. 

Testimonials and oversubscription to the workshops say it all.

‘Loved the visuals and aide memoirs. Nothing like this on the market.   I wish  I had known all this earlier in my life .   I will be telling my daughters and granddaughters’

‘Its not all about sucking up. Relaxation of the pelvic floor helped my sex life’

‘I loved your warmth and openness. and frankness. . wanted a longer day.   Cant wait for the app’

These workshop don’t happen often…..even after surgery and physio nothing was quite right and life had unnerved me. Alison’s classes gave me back confidence, knowledge about my pelvic floor, how to exercise safely and an improved sex life. Fun, informative and worth every penny. Life changing. Wish i had discovered them 10 years earlier’