We are super excited to be launching this class in January 2019. The feedback from the pilot has been amazing.

yOnilates is a fun exercise class to music and meditation done in such a fun way that you will engage these muscles naturally to Support organs, control Sphincters and to revolutionise your Sex life!  It is important for connection, sensation, healing post childbirth and post operations and for healthy aging in this crucial area.  It is a big area of worry for many people and not until now properly addressed. Did you know that 1 in 3 women wet themselves and 1 in 9 men?  It can be very disabling.  Also with increased gym usage it is not just weak pelvic floors that need to be addressed. Often we see too tight pelvic floors giving a plethora of dysfunctions and pain.

yOnilates was developed by award-winning somatic sex educator, Laura-Doe, of The y0niversity. It is practiced to fun, catchy, specially created music.  Find out more at yOnilates.com and lauradoe.com

If you have a group of 10+ people who would appreciate this class in a different area please call 07894 151654 and we can discuss.

Classes will be for six weeks and the early bird course price is £80.00 for six weeks (1.5 hours x 6). Classes are paid in advance by BACS transfer You can then attend as a drop in other classes if you have completed the six week course.   Intensive introductory workshops available  too.

Talking S words will be on tour in the autumn if you want a course and have a group of women.  Planned venues are Sheffield, Christchurch, Haslemere, Norwich and Birmingham for ate 2019/20

Please email Alison@oxspines.com to book as places limited due to size of halls or call or text 07894 1515654

   Next Workshop details below and a rave review!!

July 6th 2019 Long Crendon

These workshop don’t happen often…..even after surgery and physio nothing was quite right and life had unnerved me. Alison’s classes gave me back confidence, knowledge about my pelvic floor, how to exercise safely and an improved sex life. Fun, informative and worth every penny. Life changing. Wish i had discovered them 10 years earlier