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It’s my 3rd visit to Alison and my husbands first. I’ve had many treatments and massages with physio’s, sports massages and chiropractors as I have struggled with my shoulders and back for years from being a swimmer. Alison is the best by far. She has good strong hands (I don’t like airy fairy) and she knows exactly how to find out where the problems are and fixes them. We cannot recommend her enough!

Sarah Perrigo Ally

Visited Alison on Saturday morning. Feeling absolutely great now. Great service, Thank you.

Doug Drewetts

Great service , highly recommended, also at useful times for a working person.

Lloyd Berry Jones

Brilliant service my back and legs haven’t felt this good in a long time and I am sleeping better aswell and this was just from one treatment! I would highly recommend to anyone suffering with any sort of muscle/back pains etc Thank you for a job well done.

Ian Cba Powley

Really have appreciated you helping me with pretty serious neck and back problems. When I tapped into the NHS online help with all my symptoms, it said I should dial 999 as I was having a heart attack! Not believing it, I called you to straighten my crooked body. Once again I could breathe normally! Thank you for a job well done.
Emma Kavanagh

Wonderful osteopathy treatment at sort notice! Fantastic after care and advice. Went through everything clearly. Will definitely go again! Thank you for a job well done.
Harriet Cerutti

My back treatment with Alison at Oxspines has, perhaps oddly given the manipulations to ‘crack’ my neck back into place, been a pleasure. Having suffered from several muscular and joint complaints for the last few years and having been subjected various extended and unsuccessful physio and chiropractor attempts to resolve them; her holistic and thorough approach has fixed me in just a couple of sessions. Her skills and advice have enabled me to understand my different complaints as an interrelated system that I can work on as a whole to fast and effective relief and more importantly, correct and prevent future problems. For me, the ability to help people to help themselves rather than insist on endless repeat appointments in a vain attempt to treat ‘isolated’ problems is a rare and special one.
P Wond

Although apprehensive about attending the sessions I was always been made to feel relaxed and able to talk about my condition without feeling a nuisance or pathetic! I also have another medical condition that Alison has shown concern in, looking at my health and well- being as a whole. I am delighted with the results of her care as my back improved dramatically and is still improving. She provided a sheet of exercises by which I could continue my recovery at home, helping me to help myself. I am now seeing Alison less frequently, about every six week, but can contact her if necessary to make an earlier appointment. I would strongly recommend Alison to others as I always found her to be very professional and very effective in the treatment she delivers.
E Bishop

I was referred to Alison earlier in the year with severe neck and ear pain, which I had been experiencing for a long time, I had seen ENT specialists and no one could determine the cause or fix the problem. After a few sessions with Alison, I can honestly say that my symptoms began to slowly disappear. I was very sceptical when I first went for my treatment, but can say for sure that the treatment I received from Alison has certainly made me feel better in terms of my ear pain and my neck pain completely went away, I do have the occasional ear pain but no where near the scale of when I first went to Alison. I found Alison to be very thorough, professional and very knowledgeable, and she is always thinking outside the box in terms of the best treatment for the case put before her, I would thoroughly recommend her. A true professional. Finally, I am currently under Alison again for scar tissue breakdown from an operation I had done last year, this will take time bit. I feel Alison helps with the process of tissue breakdown.

After suffering with back pain for far too long, I discovered Oxspines Osteopathy! The treatment I received was first class and I literally walked out of there a different woman! Thank you for your knowledge, professionalism and fantastic friendly service!
Georgina Lines

After suffering for 8 months with a frozen shoulder, after just 5 sessions with Oxspines Osteopathy, I’m fixed. I wouldn’t hesitate to return if I needed to, thank you!

Helen Harris

I had suspected covid in March, and had been very ill. Left with post viral fatigue I decided to visit Alison. Her covid precautions are fantastic, and even with the new changes I felt at ease, as always. Her knowledge is outstanding and after my session I felt my lungs working better for the first time in ages, and I slept so well that evening. I visited the week after for a follow up. I can feel my body starting to work properly again. I cannot recommend Oxspines enough! Book your body an MOT!

Marie Ashton

After having terrible back pain for a week I contacted Alison who thankfully saw me the next day. I can honestly say she made me feel so relaxed and I came away with no pain. That was five days ago and I am still pain free. I will never leave it and suffer again as now I know Alison can sort me in one appointment x

Karen Duffy

I had a liver transplant in october 2019; my back required some maintenance to correct it. Alison provides a Covid secure environment; is knowledgeable and I am feeling the benefit already.
Chris Clements

Really friendly and professional, really good with both my kids and myself!Really friendly and professional, really good with both my kids and myself!
Alex Cerutti

Alison is a little treasure! You won’t regret seeing her for treatment 😊

simon Narramore

Alison has magic hands.My lower back clicked and popped after bending forward and twisting to the side in a restricted area. I had a strong contraction down the right side resulting in severe pain and limping and very restricted movement. I left it a week before seeking treatment hoping it would resolve. It just got worse and seemed to have settled in. After 30 mins treatment with Alison I felt immediately improved and a second session 2 days later has continued the improvement. Not only that she has worked on other areas of my body to increase movement. I wished I hadn’t waited a week. Thank you very much, Alison.

I really had doubts that I could go skiing but she put me back together after a few more visits! I am looking forward to having a massage sometime too. 😀

Nicola Rae

Alison is fantastic, I go every year for my body’s MOT and I’m between times if I ever need. Great service!
Emma Jackson

Highly recommend. Great experience and felt fantastic after just the first appointment.
Shane McSweeney

Not just an osteopath but a calming, sensitive and very understanding lady who helps me with my mental health #priceless
Chris noton

Exelant Alison was really nice and sorted out my back and shoulder no problem at all would recommend to anyone I know
David Parish

I first met Alison (Oxspines) when I couldn’t move my neck and hips. My whole body was twisted and included a strained groin and a torn rotator cuff. The pain was unreal I couldn’t breath correctly. Alison was so very gentle and I was glad as other osteopaths, phyisios and chiropractors some times made things worse by being too forceful. I had tried our beloved NHS and frankly was a waste of time and petrol and took 8 months befor an appointment. Alison also helped with my anxiety without even asking. She calmed me down suggest various APPs and is a real old school carer. Having time just to talk things through was going the extra mile. I couldn’t recommend her enough.
Xx Thankyou for fixing me. Xx
Chris Noton

All good
Lloyd Berry Jones

Great service

Nick Best

Great for a troublesome back! Really sorted me out, thanks Alison
David Walker

I had an excellent virtual appointment with Alison. She was still able to provide me with helpful exercises to improve an area causing me pain :))
Isobel Grace

Highly recommended – even for online consult. Has helped no end with painful backs and shoulders in this household and does so with total professionalism that puts you at ease.
Janine Williams

I had a mega appointment with Alison today. She made me feel completely at ease (I don’t particularly like people in my personal space) and knew exactly why I was facing the issues I was.
I left feeling light on my feet and completely chilled.
I can’t believe I have lived with this pain in my back for so many years.
Give Alison a call, she’s a legend ❤️
Natalie Fox

Fantastically knowledgable and welcoming. Alison knew from my clumsy description of symptoms just what my issue was and got straight to the root cause. Just that single session really made a difference, I never expected results like this so early in the process and I’m super impressed. Definitely going to be a regular Oxspines visitor to stay free of discomfort and keep my range of movement as good as it can be. The very highest recommendation is a complete no brainer….
Martin Shields

I went to see Alison a couple of weeks ago with a bad neck that I could hardly move, after 1 session my neck was so much better. Tonight I have had the most relaxing massage ever. Thank you so much Alison…
Heather Trinder

Thanks for the excellent treatment today – intelligent, professional and effective!
Paul Christopher Walton

Following the excellent treatment for a very tight calf muscle and a rigorous stretching regime to carry out at home I completed the brutal Beachy Head off road marathon yesterday. I can highly recommend Oxspines for knowledgable, professional and most importantly effective sports injury treatment!

David Krige

Following a visit to my GP I was advised that I required Physiotherapy to address an ongoing muscular and back problem. At that time my condition was affecting general well being, posture, mobility and my general mood. A course of Physiotherapy was undertaken over a 6 week period but did not identify either the cause or provide a treatment to address the pain. My GP then advised that the only course available was prescribed painkillers. However she also described a new private Osteopathic service available at the GP Surgery.. Given the alternative provided I was keen to take this further and agreed to an assessment. The first assessment was professional, with clear communication on what an Osteopath provides followed by an initial assessment. During this a clear diagnosis and guidance around the potential cause, exercises to reduce the pain and a clear treatment plan provided.. Even after the first assessment the change in the symptoms and mobility had greatly improved. Following subsequent treatments the initial pain, discomfort, lack of mobility and bad posture had dissipated. As a patient of Ms Lindenbaum for 9 months I can testify to her professionalism, patient care and moreover the results that I have experienced. Having endured this condition for over 2 years and to have a solution provided with 2 weeks from Initial assessment was not only surprising but very welcome.
F Wilson

Really positive about treatment given today Alan’s now walking upright and no pain thank you so much. No matter how much gym work or running he does being a roofer takes its toll.
Vicki Crabb

I was struggling with my back pain for a year, GP and physio couldn’t help. Alison did her magic and in 2x goes and a month of recovery I am having the larges smile in the World. Thank you Alison you really know what you are doing xx
Jovita Karanauskaite

Alison is fantastic; she really knows her stuff and you can trust her to give professional, honest advice and she is incredibly reasonably priced! I send friends, family and my employees to her too, as we can all do with a body MOT.

Emma Hilsdon

Alison is so knowledgeable on anything musculoskeletal related (and many other topics!) . When I developed a migraine and aching hips, it was her advice I sought rather than my GP. She really knows what questions to ask to determine your problem. She gave me all
the moves and exercises to try and they worked. Did I mention this was all online during quarantine?! I never hesitate to recommend her.
Kerry Glass

Alison is so knowledgeable on anything musculoskeletal related (and many other topics!) . When I developed a migraine and aching hips, it was her advice I sought rather than my GP. She really knows what questions to ask to determine your problem. She gave me all
the moves and exercises to try and they worked. Did I mention this was all online during quarantine?! I never hesitate to recommend her.
Kerry Glass

Expert advice and treatment I can highly recommend Alison, She rebuilt me
Sarah Harrison

I feel so much better after my MOT! Thank you so much, highly recommend. Alison is not only professional but so friendly and fun so it’s an all round great service!

Gemma Natasha Robins

A very friendly and helpful first appointment. I have seen several osteopaths before and never have I felt so knowledgeable about the pain I experience – which is personally fantastic. Looking forward to my next treatment!
Georgina Hale

Alison is Absolutely brilliant. She is friendly understanding and fab. Alison has bought relief each time I have seen her. Completely recommend her.
Rebecca Neal

Excellent and very friendly service,thank you so much Alison,I have perfect movement ! I would highly recommend Oxspines !!
Anthony Shepherd

Efficient and effective. Thankyou Alison
Michael Ridge

Cannot recommend Alison highly enough!

Have always had back niggles but after a car accident last year I was left with a constant pain, after 13 sessions with a Physiotherapist and descriptively explaining where the pain is the result was no joy or resolution.

I was recommended by a friend on to Alison, I arrived, briefly explained about the car accident and within seconds Alison had found the painful area, rectified, explained the issue and continued to make me feel the best I felt in years.

This has now allowed me to start training and running again after a very painful 6 months after the accident.

I now through choice book in to see Alison at least every 3 months and I thoroughly enjoy going to see her and having her putting me back to how I should be!!

Kurt McSweeney

I was virtually immobile after twisting my back playing squash. Alison managed to see me the next day, and the improvement was pretty dramatic. Three sessions later and most of the discomfort has gone. Now just need time for the muscles to recover. Thoroughly recommended.

Even if there isn’t a problem, it’s a good idea to check. I will be going again to make sure everything is still straight.

Thank you very much.

Peter Chavasse

Wonderful service offered. Alison actually fit me in on a Sunday morning as I was in agony when we first met. A lovely efficient service with a very knowledgeable and competent clinician! Thank you!
Kam Patel

Thoroughly professional, skilled, and supportive. Alison is also witty and engaging so a visit to the osteopath feels like a treat.

Jane Pendry

I would highly recommend Oxspines Osteopathy. Since Alison realigned my pelvis I have been pain free & able to go about my day to day life without further problems.

Lesley Catling

Highly recommend. Great experience and felt fantastic after just the first appointment.
Shane McSweeney

once again Alison’s “magic hands” unlock a painful back problem, by way of Holistic treatment.
I now keep her contact info on “Speed Dial”.
Kathryn Whitby

Excellent treatment, I felt like a new woman after seeing Alison for a misaligned pelvis after childbirth would highly recommend any woman to get an MOT after any hospital stay!

Sarah Harrison

Amazing Alison! Weeks of pain and discomfort and then within a few minutes in the hands of an expert I was fixed.
Sudhir Raj

Friendly and professional treatment. Highly recommend Oxspines if you are suffering from back or neck pain. The best Osteopath in Oxford.
Richard Watts

Alison always manages to get me moving when my back seizes up. With kind and caring service, she will help you out with all aches and pains.

Clare Durkin

Only person I have ever met who can stop my sciatica in it’s tracks.
helen moulford

Excellent osteopath, she treated me all through my pregnancy. I would highly recommend Oxspines to anyone with back or neck pain.

Alex Spencer

when I went to see Alison at oxspines i was in a lot of discomfort, she diagnosed my problem within minutes after assessing me from head to foot then gave me some exercises to continue with which she said should slowly ease my symptoms but with the advice to go back if they didn’t, well they worked a treat and I haven’t needed to go back since, I can’t recommend oxspines enough, relaxed reassuring and professional, couldn’t ask for more ,
Simon Davies

Fantastic service and would highly recommend. Alison is a star and helped so much with my back and if you have any aches and pains get in contact she will sort you out.
Carl Harrison

went to Alison way back last year had a back pain for many years ,well after a couple of visits i now have no more back pain so i would recommend Alison, and apart from my pain has gone she will explain all the reasons why you may have the pain and how to keep yourself pain free😃 and she also help my son who suffers with back pain.. lovely lady 🥰
Julie Morgan

I highly recommend Oxspines Osteopathy. Alison is brilliant. Totally professional, puts her clients at ease, and is knowledgeable and skilled.
Jo Morgs

Allison is an expert at both osteopathy and a holistic approach to well being. She always makes herself available at short notice and is kind and empathetic in her approach to treatment
Myfanwy Walls

First visit really beneficial and Alison really friendly and knew exactly where my issue was and how to resolve it …. booked in to see her again. 😉
Karen Smith

Alison is great. Really knows her stuff and is just generally lovely. I feel like a new person after seeing her today. Recommend her if you have any niggles, pain or just need and overhaul after too much time spent bent over a laptop/ hotdesking!!
Kerry Glass