Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain Oxford

We see a number of patients that are suffering from shoulder pain, which can be very debilitating and can come in several forms including Frozen Shoulders, rotator cuff problems and osteoarthritis.

As we are experienced and fully qualified to treat any form of shoulder problem in Oxford, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange your initial consultation with us.


Frozen Shoulder Problems Oxford

Frozen shoulder can be a very painful problem, and it occurs when the tissue capsule that houses the bones, ligaments and tendons of the shoulder becomes inflamed which makes movements difficult and painful as the joint is not lubricated properly.

This means that the patient has difficulty in reaching for objects, putting on jackets and can even avoid sleeping on it or moving it altogether, which means that over time the shoulder becomes very stiff or ‘frozen’. The exact cause of the condition is unknown, but it is often caused by the body reacting to a minor injury and trying to heal the body with extra scar tissue, causing the shoulder capsule to thicken. It can also be due to all sorts of hormonal and physiological problems which makes the condition very complicated.

If you are suffering from frozen shoulder, then you will require some form of assistance to help you regain full mobility, and we can help with a programme of osteopathic treatment.


Shoulder pain treatments in Oxford

Other shoulder pain problems that we can help with at Oxspines Osteopathy in Oxford include rotator cuff pain, osteoarthritis and dislocations.

Rotator cuff problems occur when there is not adequate control of the shoulder’s ball and socket joint, and the muscles become stressed or squashed. We see this problem most often in patients who play sports or who have jobs that require putting their hands above their head on a regular basis.

We also see cases of shoulder dislocation, which is fairly common as the shoulder is the easiest joint to dislocate in the body. Osteoarthritis is the gradual wearing away of the cartilage of the joint, which results in pain due to the bones rubbing together.

As with all of our treatments, including back pain and neck pain we offer a tailored and individual programme, so after an initial consultation to get to the root of the problem we will draw up a plan of care suited to your individual requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us now if you are suffering from any sort of shoulder pain and we look forward to meeting you.