Manual workers need maintenance and it is easy to neglect one’s body. Without one’s body there is no work. As an osteopath I use my body every day. It is easy to forget to take care and this morning after a long week I woke with shoulder pain and neck pain. I forgot to take care! Osteopathic service will be resumed tomorrow as I know how to sort it!.

However it prompted me to think of tradepersons who don’t have my skills. Time is money. There is no let up for the self employed especially tradespersons,, hairdressers … (and osteopaths!)

We treat construction workers, plumbers, electricians, painters, roofers, scaffolders, stone masons and builders every day.

We know your jobs and have taken the time to assess the strains you are under.

We deal with emergencies and maintenance. Like you.

Unfortunately you only get one body. We are good at fixing pain.

We know that as you are often self employed or start early time is a problem so we offer early bird and late evening appointments to suit you. Appointments from 7.30am to 8.30pm dependant on availability.
Share this with your hardworking manual worker friends.

Leaving an injury at work or a strain will make it chronic. Time off work equals no money . Bodies need regular maintenance too.

We can fix you.