No time for the Gym Mrs Osteopath – Tone at Home!

As an osteopath based in Oxford I spend a large amount of my time encouraging and aiding patients to improve their abdominal strength. Good core strength is fundamental to good back health. Reduced tone in the front affects biomechanical chains and puts strain elsewhere. The usual way to promote core strength is to suggest joining a gym class or pilates or to prescribe exercises. However, everyone’s lives are busy and for some, the luxury of the gym is not an option. However I would like to encourage everyone to have that ‘me exercise time’ even for fifteen minutes each day as it is fundamental to inner peace and mental and physical health.

If you struggle to make time for exercise, here are some ideas for you:

Go Hoop

For busy people Oxspines Osteopathy, Oxford, wants to shout from the rooftops – go hoop!
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TSB breathing
Stop neck and shoulder pain and reduce stress. No more cares breathe like a baby!
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Wooden spoon fencing
Ever fancied fencing? Feel at war the world? Fencing is the ultimate exercise to help with back pain.
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