Did you know that we at Oxspines Osteopathy specialise in chronic pain?

Life can be so very hard if you live with chronic pain. We have a unique multidisciplinary approach to making life bearable and joyous again. Please do share this with your friends. we don’t just fix acute back pain and necks and knees but have excellent results with migraine, helping manage chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

This is a testamonial from a current patient with M. E

”Oxspines Osteopathy techniques have been great in relieving stubborn tension headaches that used to last for days. To have the pressure removed is a wonderful feeling. My pain levels have also improved all of which helps with the fatigue that comes from a body under stress. I’d definitely recommend Oxspines to anyone with headache, stress or chronic pain issues ”

Just when it feels the rain will never stop the sun comes out. Let us bring the sunshine in and help you embrace life again this summer.

Please call 07894 151654 to arrange a free 15 minute consultation so we may find out more about you and tell you about our approach using osteopathy, mindfulness, massage and unique techniques to reduce central sensitization.