Benign Positional Vertigo

What is Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV)?

Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV) is the most common cause of vertigo, and it is a condition that we provide treatment for at Oxspines.

Vertigo occurs when your balance is disrupted by disturbance to the inner ear, which means that the messages to the brain become confused and you can become very unstable and feel nauseous.

Sufferers of BPV have the sudden sensation that the inside of your head is spinning or that you are spinning, and it is usually triggered by sudden changes to the position of your head.

This can happen when you move to lie on one side, when you sit up in bed or when you move your head up and down. The sensation of dizziness can occur for a short period of time before the balance system gets used to the new position. It can then reoccur on changing position again.


Treating Benign Positional Vertigo with Osteopathy

Benign Positional Vertigo can be successfully treated with the Epley manoeuvre, which is very simple but effective in relieving symptoms.

The Epley manoeuvre helps to move the crystal carbonate crystals in the inner ear that have become displaced back to their appropriate position, using a series of sequential movements of the head.

Although the manoeuvre can cause temporary sensations of dizziness or vertigo, these will quickly disappear and symptoms are often up to 90% better after the first treatment. We usually find that symptoms of BPV will have completely disappeared after 3 sessions.

Please do contact us if you think you may be suffering from Benign Positional Vertigo as it is a condition that we can usually treat very successfully.