Back Pain

Osteopathy for Back Pain Oxford

We treat many different conditions at Oxspines Osteopathy, but by far the most common problem that we come across is back pain and sciatica. We are experts at treating Back Pain in Oxford, so please do contact us if you would like to arrange an initial consultation.


Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can be caused in any number of different ways, ranging from mild sprains and strains to the muscles in the back to ligament injuries and ‘slipped discs’. It can come on quite suddenly as a result of moving awkwardly or straining when lifting a heavy load, or the pain can develop over time as a result of poor posture and inactivity over long periods of time.

Although back pain can initially be very uncomfortable and inconvenient, if you receive effective treatment at any early stage then you should see an improvement in your pain quite quickly.

Back Pain Treatments in Oxford

We are experienced at treating all kinds of back pain, including acute and chronic back pain as well as sciatica, which is a pain or tingling sensation that travels down from your lower back to your foot. As with all of our treatments, we offer a tailored and individual programme, so after an initial consultation to get to the root of the problem we will draw up a plan of care suited to your individual requirements.

We also offer advice on key skills for better living and better backs to prevent future problems with back pain. These include breathing techniques to make sure that the problem does not reoccur, and advice on posture and carrying heavy loads. Make sure that you don’t risk a disc by breaking your loads down into smaller amounts, and our zip techniques will help to improve your core strength.

Oxspines Osteopathy has many years of experience in treating back pain in Oxford, as well as other conditions such as neck pain and shoulder pain, so we look forward to seeing you at our Wheatley clinic soon.