About us

Alison is a graduate from Oxford Brookes University and has brought up her family in Oxford and Oxfordshire. She has begun a campaign to educate secondary school children about stress and posture. She is particularly interested in hyper-mobility, chronic fatigue and stress.

She is developing her skills as a specialist osteopath for pregnant women in Oxfordshire and also postmenopausal women but treats low back pain, neck, shoulder and pelvic problems in all ages on a daily basis. She has developed a reputation of treating the building trade and has a loyal clientele of electricians , plumbers and builders who know that she fits around their jobs.

She knows all that back pain for the self employed means no work and no money. Alison endeavours to get all her patients to leave with a smile – as a smile is a curve that sets everything straight! Alison has three children and when not being a taxi service enjoys cooking, walking in the countryside and socialising. She also loves to hula hoop and is setting up classes to aid with back and pelvic floor maintenance.

Alison Lindenbaum Osteopath